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Spiderz leverages WordPress and PHP open source platforms to deliver exciting web solutions to brands and businesses.

We develop websites using some of the latest and greatest tools in the web design industry – WordPress, Elementor, GeneratePress and Yoast – to name a few.

Our design philosophy stems from our belief in rapid prototyping as an iterative approach to deliver websites fast. So our designs are simple, neat and well-tested.

Since 2002, we have worked for some 240+ businesses in the United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Our key focus areas are website design on the WordPress platform and web systems development using PHP – the most popular scripting language for web development.

If any of this excites you, please give us a shout and we can be of help. And yes, we also run our own web servers, so you never have to worry about things like domains and hosting.

Dubai web design company with a maxim: Spin Your Web™!


Web design company in Dubai serving global business. A UAE service made with .

  • Websites that rock!
  • A design made for you!
  • Own it forever!
  • Standards compliant!
  • Speedy fast code!
  • No recurring fees!
Websites done the right way

The Presence

per project

Start with an online presence for your new idea or company. We design a brand new website for you after careful research into your product or service.

We also setup Google analytics for tracking your site traffic and publish your Google My Business page.

Key highlights

  • An original handcrafted web design.
  • 10 pages of content and markup.
  • Intent (why) and structure (how) Positioning Pages design.
  • Other kinds of Pages (what and who).

Standard features

  • Google Analytics traffic reporting.
  • Google My Business presence.
  • Google Speed Insights testing.
  • Elementor Pro site license.
  • GeneratePress site license.

The Works

per project

An online presence, a content strategy and plenty of exposure across organisational and social channels.

Invest in an end-to-end workflow managed web presence with A/B testing of key pages, traffic generation via SEO, SEM and social media marketing*.

Key highlights

  • All 'The Presence' plan features.
  • 25 pages of content and markup.
  • Search engine optimization (on page) for capabilities and service Landing Pages.
  • Content research and analysis.
  • Content Hub, Article Pages and Gated Content Marketing Pages* design.
  • Content generation and distribution assistance.
  • Custom workflows for user engagement and lead generation.
  • Database creation and custom-template design for data capture (forms) and data presentation (views).
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) consulting and platform advice*.

Standard features

  • 90-day website upkeep and maintenance (post-launch).
  • Twitter and Facebook page setup and brand customization.

Add-on features (quoted separately)

  • YouTube channel setup and brand customization.
  • YouTube Video Advertising Campaign setup and consulting.
  • Google Adwords account setup.
  • Google Adwords ad-spend purchase.
  • Google text-ads for Adwords copywriting.
  • Google Adwords Display network art and creative (banner) ad design.
  • Facebook Ads ad-spend purchase.
  • Facebook Ads copywriting and creative design.
  • Google Optimize Test variations setup and testing.

The Build

per hour

Web systems development on the PHP platform or various web design and development tasks undertaken using the hourly billing model.

Ideal for website upkeep and general maintenance services covering programming and configuration.

Key highlights

  • WordPress, PHP code and related tasks.
  • Billed in 15-minute increments.
  • Scope governed by estimates.
  • Time-tracking reports on request.
  • 20% discount on 80+ hour assignments.
  • Weekly billing on business accounts.
Showing-off 18 years' work
Scorpions Cricket Club
An enthusiast team of banking professionals and a passion to strike the ball on time.

Designed using GeneratePress theme and Advanced Custom Field plugin, the SCC website is deployed on WordPress with features that support posting game schedules and game data.

BFC Professional Translation
Fast, human translation and proofreading for various industries by native language experts.

Designed using Elementor page-builder, GeneratePress theme and a custom PHP-MySQL ordering and back-end system, the website supports taking online orders and PayPal payments.

Thomas Bell-Wright Int. Con.
Engineering firm providing independent Testing, Inspection and Certification services in the construction industry.

Designed using Elementor page-builder and GeneratePress theme the website runs on WordPress for client-side content management and swift updates to business information.

Here's what we do

Website Design

From simple websites to intricate web systems, we help develop a formidable web presence for businesses who need assistance from a seasoned team.

Content Strategy

Websites get zero traffic out-of-the-box. To build traffic and to acquire a targeted user base, a long-term content strategy helps gather market share.


To leverage a content marketing strategy that's in place, search engine optimization and marketing play an important role in developing consistent traffic.

Systems Analysis (web)

An integral part of web development, system analysis and design allows us to study client workflows and design data models to accurately build databases.

Systems Development (web)

Writing web apps in PHP and leveraging PHP frameworks is a focus area at Spiderz. We build front and back-end apps to create workable solutions.

Testing & Debugging

Testing forms an integral part of the Spiderz development process. We focus on testing early and systematically to raise bugs and write fixes.

Domain Name Services

Registering domain names can be a hassle. Forgetting to renew one can mean interruption of services. We manage domains for a living and it comes free!

Web Servers and Hosting

All website designed by Spiderz are deployed on our Amazon Web Servers (AWS) powered servers that ensure 99.99% uptime and availability of your sites.

Consulting (web)

If you seek assistance in any of the areas covered in this section, you can engage the Spiderz team for a consulting assignment in the arena of the web.

Give us a shout

What's a web not spun by a Spider?1 It's an ‘eyewash, rewash, whitewash – of everyone else's design-work!’

Dubai web hosting company

Web design company in Dubai – from simple websites to intricate web systems. Hire the Spiderz team for your next project.

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